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The leader in Providing functional and operational Security and safety solutions with Big Data Analysis via Artificial Intelligence


To provide operational efficiency to our Customers through our unique compliance management system with information Acquired from our Hardware. To achieve efficiencies through timed and planned Management of all its services


Leader in central monitoring and control management Deliver integrated manage security and safety services Provide optimum uptime in the systems usage



System integration combining the services of 4 key provider

The service provider operate their own service competency

Our focus is delivering systems to ensure it is comply with procedures and monitoring actions taken towards the closure of the non- compliance

The providers deliver a unique, focused solution to ensure only actionable da ta is utilized for the benefit of our customers


We provide a comprehensive range of surveillance solutions, including high-definition CCTV cameras, advanced video management software, access control systems, and remote monitoring services.

Surveillance systems enhance security by deterring criminal activity, monitoring for suspicious behavior, and providing valuable evidence in incidents. They offer peace of mind and enable remote monitoring for added convenience.

Yes, our experienced technicians provide professional installation, ensuring correct setup, configuration, and optimization for maximum performance.

Easily access and manage footage through our intuitive video management software with the TSF software, with remote viewing capabilities via computer, smartphone, or tablet.

We offer comprehensive maintenance, troubleshooting, software updates, and 24/7 technical support to ensure system reliability.

Yes, our systems are highly interoperable and seamlessly integrate with other security solutions, including access control, alarms, and smart home devices.

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