(Assign, Attend, Track & Control)

ATAC is present to connect your business  with today’s technology


Dashboard filled by analytic Report or resume report. In dashboard an update report will appear during admin using ATAC Application. In this feature will be display status task which created by manager such as, resolved, Reopen, or open and list of task that must completed by Engineer.


Ticketing is a way to assign a task to an Engineer so you can take a quick action. Through this feature, manager can easily share a task and create the details of work that must be completed by Engineers in daily basis or manual basis.


Through this feature, manager have access to control the outside Engineers directly by monitoring the progress in real time. It helps to create a responsible value in working environment that supports in achieving a high quality of work.

Job Sheet

This feature contains a work report and job details of Engineers in order to manage the paperwork and Engineer jobs in the field. This also can be used for claiming invoice.

Export PDF Report

The feature with main feature to manage and collect all Engineer’s report individually, also monthly report.

Technician Schedule

The feature with main feature to check, see, and review every Engineers job / task in daily and filtering user.

Offline Mode

This allows you to work in a rural area with limited internet/network speed. Also, this feature equipped with “Time-Out” mode that able to automatically enter the offline mode if there is signal interference. Hence, ATAC is a compatible apps to support your work.